Correction of a face oval
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A double chin may appear for various reasons and there are several ways for its correction. The difficulty is to select maximally safe and appropriate method for each individual patient. Aptos methods can help to resolve numerous aesthetic problems and achieve maximal results with minimum costs and risks and without side effects.

What results we can expect from the correction by means of Aptos method in the submental space:

  • Removal of a double chin and formation of a clear-cut oval of the face.
  • Visual increase of the angle between the chin line and the neck.
  • Correction of small wrinkles.
  • Improvement of skin tonus and turgor.

How do the Aptos threads function?

Aptos threads are designed for achieving the maximal and prolonged effect.
In the Aptos product line, there are threads with barbs, which ideally suit to the correction of defects in the submental space of face, including the removal of a double chin.

The unique feature of the barbs is that a specialist can introduced and fix a thread without a risk of its dislocation in the future.

Absorbable Aptos threads contain a polylactic acid, which helps tissues to generate an additional amount of collagen. Therefore, besides of a visible lifting effect, the skin condition and tonus are also significantly improved.

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