Minimally invasive intimate plastic with Aptos threads
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Minimally invasive intimate plastic with Aptos threads is a decent alternative to the surgical intervention for correction of form and size of vulvar lips, to improve women’s quality of life and increase their self-confidence.

Advantages of the technique compared to the surgical vaginoplasty:

  • The procedure is less traumatic
  • The manipulation is performed without incision
  • No scars are developed
  • No danger of bleeding
  • It is painless
  • Short period of rehabilitation
  • Prolonged effect
  • Performed in any age
  • Is successfully used in women, who had childbirth or not
  • Has no negative impact on the reproductive system
  • Does not need antibiotic therapy after the procedure

The procedure is performed with local anesthesia. Duration is 20-30 minutes. Rehabilitation period is up to 1-2 weeks.

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