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The reasons behind alopecia may be hormonal imbalance, genetic factor, sustained diseases, taking medications, deficit of iron, zinc, magnesium or selenium, stress and even impact of cold weather. There are not many effective methods against the hair loss. One of them is a mesotherapy. It is a modern cosmetological procedure, which helps improvement of micro circulation and enrichment of hair follicles with nutrients. The procedure includes injection of special medications, which helps to resolve various problems of hair cover. In addition to this, the procedure regulates functioning of sebaceous glands, cleans a scalp and helps to growth of new hair.

As one of the types of mesotherapy, a plasmalifting technique can be noticed, in which the plasma, enriched with thrombocytes obtained from the patient’s own blood, is used instead of mesococktail containing various vitamins and microelements.

Indications for performing the procedure:

  • Seasonal weakness of hair and its loss, which is caused by the deficit of useful microelements and vitamins
  • Skin problems caused by seborrheic dermatitis
  • Hair loss because of regular stress or depression
  • Triggering hormonal disruptions
  • Disruption of endocrine glands
  • Hair loss caused by vitamin deficiency
  • Intense hair loss in the period after childbirth

The procedure is performed in the dermatologist’s office after a preliminary consultation and investigation of reasons behind the hair loss.

Mesotherapy or plasmalifting may be administered as one of the therapeutic methods of hair loss treatment during the comprehensive approach. Doctor trichologist, endocrinologist, etc. may participate in the treatment. Therefore, the therapy is aimed at minimization of cosmetological, medicamentous factors and nutrition, stress and other factors.

The procedure does not requires anesthesia, its duration is 15-30 minutes. The period of treatment, number of procedures and intervals are chosen individually.

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