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Professional skin cleansing is the best way to preserve healthy and beautiful skin and correct small defects. Cleansing may be performed as a separate procedure or as a preparatory stage for other procedures.

Thorough cleansing of facial skin gives smooth color and surface to it, helps to narrow pores, and increases skin turgor and elasticity of dermis. In addition to this, black dots, rash and other small defects are removed from the skin. The entire process of cleansing includes several stages:

Consultation of a specialist. A cosmetologist performs a visual inspection of the skin, collects anamnesis, may detect dermatological problems of it. And chooses an optimal method of cleansing and therapy.

Cleansing and removal of makeup

Scrub and/or diamond dermabrasion – at this stage, the keratinous layer of epidermis is scrubbed off. Softening the pores by means of special mask increases the efficiency of further stages of cleansing.

The cleansing itself. According to the administration of doctor, a mechanical, vacuum, chemical, laser, ultrasound or combined method is chosen. During this, the excess fat, open and closed comedones, milia cysts are removed.

Additional hardware care. If needed, it is possible to administer a darsonvalization, myostimulation, micro massage, which is useful for blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and improvement of skin’s resistant features.

Use of soothing and moistening products. Mask, cream, balsam, serum is selected depending on skin type. After this manipulation, for a certain period, the skin may have some redness, which will disappear within a hour.

It should be noted that the professional cleansing, compared to home cleansing, has an advantage of its skillful methods and efficiency, and important hygienic aspects. The risk of introducing an additional infection is diminished in conditions of adherence to the rules of aseptic and antiseptics. Tools, which are used, undergo a special disinfection, and most of them are disposable.

The procedure lasts from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours. Performing a cleansing is recommended under indication, in the case of problematic or oily skin, for the purposes of prevention, 1-2 times a year or more frequently.

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