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Skin professional care in a cosmetologist’s office is intended for preserving a beauty of woman and youthful appearance.

Skin professional care – why it is needed?

Everyone knows such means of skin care as creams, masks and tonics. Currently, thousands of products with various price and composition are available to the customers. Unfortunately, just a home care is not often sufficient. Incorrectly chosen or used product might be damaging for the skin. Decorative cosmetics ensures short-term correction effect and often has a negative impact on the skin conditions.

Earlier on, it was sufficient for ladies to have a home care only, but achievements and discoveries of modern cosmetology significantly changed a routine daily care. Moreover, the ecological situation worsened in recent years, which has a negative impact on the skin health. Fast pace of life, stresses and unhealthy eating aggravate the negative environmental factors.

Home care cannot neutralize these factors. Therefore, skin professional care is one of necessary procedures for the people, who want to maintain their beauty and youthful appearance.

Professional care in a salon or cosmetologist office

It is recommended to undergo the procedures of professional care with a specialist cosmetologist or dermato-cosmetologist, who has a theoretical and practical knowledge of facial skin and action of substances used.

Skin care includes the broad range of procedures. Each of them is aimed at solving some specific cosmetological problem.

  • Treatment of acne
  • Correction of scars and striae
  • Skin nutrition and improvement of its health
  • Prevention of aging
  • Active rejuvenation, etc.

Only professional cosmetologists can choose a correct skin care program, taking into consideration the individual skin characteristics.

Professional cosmetics

Correctly chosen products are a necessary condition of effective care. Purchasing such products is possible only in professional salons or specialized shops. Their composition is characterized with higher content of active substances and microelements, compared to the products in pharmacies. Using professional care products at home is a recent trend but in the case of incorrect choice of a product with high concentration, there is a higher risk for skin damage, than for its care. Such products should be prescribed by specialists, as it is in the case of medications.

In the clinic Total Charm, a specialist dermato-cosmetologist will offer to you various programs for elimination of your skin problems, using modern professional production. In addition, the doctor will help you to determine a home care routine and select right products for maintaining the effect of professional care.

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